The old oak Tribe

 Once apone a time there was wise young boy , who planet an acorn, The acorn grow and grow, until it became a old oak tree,

Over the years that followed the boy took good care of the tree, as soon as the boy became a young man he built his house next to the oak tree

The young man became very friendly with his neighbor  , and together with a few more friends entered the tribalwarsmarsters 2015 cup , and this is there story

The date pair sent out invites into all the known land gathering all the mighty warriors together ,

Two very trustworthy souls stood out from the crowed and said please sir can we do you bidding for you , so , Empempires and Didjey Disantales to lead all those gathered into battle ,

your welcome to join them at and play the browser based game with them , but be quick places on their team are limited 


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