¬ ¬ The history of the tribe on world 58

Once apone a time there was wise young boy , who planet an acorn, The acorn grow and grow, until it became a old oak tree,

Over the years that followed the boy took good care of the tree, as soon as the boy became a young man he built his house next to the oak tree ,

At the time the boy belonged to a tribe called new dawn

new dawn disbanded, so the wise young man , invited all the near by tribesman and women to a party, which was held under the old oak tree

At the party the wise young man announced that he planned to start a new tribe, the name of that tribe became to be know as the old oak , because the elders of the tribe always sat under the old oak tree , planted many years earlier, by the wise youngman,

¬ The near by tribes started to become jealous , one by one they started to wage war with the old oak tribe, first there was a tribe called the fear family, they put fear into all except old oak. As soon as fear sure that old oak would not be scared into


submission . the fear family started to break apart, with old oak taken in many of

¬ fear tribesman who had been left to die on the battle field by , the fear leadership. supporting them until they became apart of the old oak family,

Then came the mighty Python tribe, determined to bring down old oak ,by arranging for smaller tribes to attack old oak one by one , python recruited many spies and posted them inside old oak , some of the fear tribe rescued by old oak , became spies for python, on a promise of many rewards,

The wise now old man, with his helper and friend 3Reese3 made peace with¬ the mightyPython , old oak return Pythons spies , and now python and old oak stand side by side waiting for the next battle to start,

The end was nearer that anyone could imagine , Mutiny ended the tribe , the tribe became divided and eventually collapsed , the wise man wish he was a little wise because he should have been able to see the signs coming .......but its too late now ,,,its all over until another time another world on www.tribalwars.net

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